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Roller derby has gained lots of popularity in the past couple of years. There are many men and women who wish to get involved with Melbourne FL Animal Removal but they do not know about the basic rules of the game. This guide is a little guide explaining about the basic rules of roller derby.

The Scoring

Roller derby is not like baseball or football where the entire team tries to score a goal. It is more like a race where one skater called jammer must pass through bunch of skaters from the opposite team. If the jammer can’t pass through all her opponents, the team scores no point. It’s more of a crime and defense game. Pivot refers to people who try to knock the players of team in order to help their teammate pass through them.

Player Arrangements

To begin with, two teams of five players each stand on the starting line. The jammer for each team stands at the back and start skating only after the rest of her team skates of. The major goal of the jammer would be to pass everyone from the opposite team and score point in the process. The jammer scores a point for every opponent she passes. Meanwhile another four players try their best to knock the opponents down in order to stop the jammer of opposite team from scoring points and make it easier for their own jammer to score.

The Pivot

She may also signal the team to skate slower if she finds out that her own jammer is trying to catch up to them. Pivot is often the last person that jammer passes by and stands as the last line of defense for her staff.

The Jammer

It is possible to clearly differentiate the players of a group from the roller derby gears that they wear. A jammer wears a star helmet. When the game starts, the jammer wait until the rest of the team members get 20 feet before her. The jammer who manages to get first through the pack is titled as lead jammer. Only the lead jammer has the power to call off the jam before the clock finishes. The biggest advantage is that the lead jammer can stop the play if she is tired. If the jammer manages to pass everybody from the opposite team including the jammer, she has scored a grand slam and earned one extra point.

The Blockers

The players that try to oppose the jammer from opposite team would be the blockers. They don’t wear any particular roller derby gears like pads or helmets that differentiate them. They celebration into blockers of the opposite team to permit their jammer to pass through.

Therefore, they have to wear appropriate roller derby gears and roller derby pads to protect themselves from any sort of injuries.

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