Why picking a SCOTUS judge is important

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As soon as the United States, was set up, our Founding Fathers, determined, and believed, there was a need, for a tri – partite, system of government, with a balance of power, between the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches of government. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons, there’s so much focus, currently, being paid, to filling the vacancy, presently occurring on the United States Supreme Court. A Supreme Court Justice is appointed for life (or until he or she retires, voluntarily), and though, these folks, ideally, ought to be fair and unbiased arbiters of the law, etc, it is important to realize, all them, is also human, and stems from specific life experiences, etc.. The make – up, of the Court, often, significantly impacts, how Americans live, etc.. Let’s examine 6 examples of how the Supreme Court of the United States, or SCOTUS, makes a significant difference, either actually, or potentially.

1. “Hanging chad” – 2000 Presidential election: When the Presidential election of 2000, between George W. Bush, and Al Gore, was extremely close, both by a favorite, as well as electoral vote, perspective, the contested vote, in Florida, became a significant issue. One issue was counting the ballots, and reviewing, what became known, as the Hanging chad, because the way votes, were performed, they needed to punch – out, a specific box, and some of these were hard to differentiate. The vote, by a 5 to 4 vote, decided in favor of President Bush, by flaws, and decreasing the recount period. It needs to be understood, at the time, there was the identical margin, involving so – called, Conservative and Progressive Justices.

2. Presidential powers/ limitations: With the retirement of a conservative judge (who occasionally was the so – called, swing – vote), the individual, selected, to replace him, will have a substantial effect, on determining many cases. 1 issue, certainly to be discussed, is the dilemma of Presidential powers and authority, and constraints, and because, President Trump, is now, possibly involved in the Russian investigation, his appointing a specific individual, provides a chance of certain conflicts of interest.

3. Free media: Freedom of the Press, is one of our Constitutional guarantees, yet the President, has frequently, suggested (or inferred), his belief, in they’re unfair, and fake news. However, independent political fact – checkers, have said, it is Mr. Trump, who has lied, or made mis – statements, an average of over 6 times, per day. One could envision circumstances, where this becomes a matter, which the Court, must rule on.

4. Roe v Wade: Although, Roe v Wade has been the law, of this land, for several decades, we always hear arguments, between, those supporting, a Women’s Right to Choose, instead of the so – called, Right to Life. It is probable this problem, will once again, appear before the Supreme Court, and so, who the next appointee is, and his taste, will be important, for generations.

5. The Court, will probably, need to rule on several items, we’ve taken for granted, like the right to equal support, protections, Squirrel Poop

6. Framing America’s future: because this appointee, is appointed for life, and the current nominee is only 53, he could be, on the Court, for decades. Therefore, how this shapes the make – up, of the group, will, probably, frame America;s potential!

Each America should pay keen attention to this situation, and carefully think about, why we have to be vigilant, to protect our American freedoms and liberties, not simply, our personal favorites! Wake up, America, before it’s too late!

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